New York.

Polaroid Suitcase.

I. Love. New York. Nothing more, nothing less.

Every perceived angle of Manhattan, from the peak of the Empire State Building to the depths of the Subways beneath the surface, oozed awe and beauty in a cinematic function. The sounds, the architecture, the culture, the fashion, the food… each day felt as if I’d stepped into a movie set living life as pop culture had intended.

Brooklyn was the accessible portion of the city, closer to reality yet quirky and gritty enough to push boundaries of the norm. Functioning at a slightly more eased pace, the vibrant street art had time to bounce from the worn brick building surfaces. It was like walking onto an old canvas with multiple creatives adding defining layers. Perfection. Continue reading

Verona Beach State Park, Utica, October Mountain State Forest and Boston.

Polaroid Suitcase.

Our final week with Wile e the van was bittersweet. On one hand, the temperature was dropping quickly as we shivered in various layers of clothing and I was looking forward to being able to stand up in a room. On the other, this van was what our experiences over the last ten or so weeks revolved. As we drove the last legs through upstate New York and onward to Boston, I was lucky enough to feel humbled and grounded not only by my family history, but also my friends, as they glow with happiness as a result of living colourful lives they never could have planned. Continue reading

Niagara Falls, London and Toronto.

Polaroid Suitcase.

Despite being on the road for ten weeks now, we are still learning and adapting (i.e. Liquor Control Board of Ontario is NOT an office) and Ontario, Canada was an overindulgence in many senses. Firstly the gluttony of my sweet tooth inhaling cake, ice cream and Tim Horton’s hot chocolates (with whipped cream… obviously). Secondly, in downtime as our tourist pace had drastically decelerated. Followed by a heart-warming overindulgence of meeting and greeting friends. And finally, in one of the most exciting sense, water. Niagara Falls was breathtaking and mesmerising. Something about that much water moving simultaneously in harmony and discord, throwing various shades of blue and turquoise. My favourite site to date. Continue reading

Blue Ridge Parkway Drive, Washington, D.C. and Allegheny National Forest.

Polaroid Suitcase.

We spent a few days driving the smoothest roads of one of “America’s Favourite’s”, Blue Ridge Parkway. Although we were slightly early for the peak fall colours, the little insights we witnessed were beautifully surreal – the vibrant hues thrown by the changing leaves are indescribable. From vibrant colours to the White House, the National Mall provided countless historic monuments and sites of the national capitol. The fall colours returned and intensified the further we drive North toward the isolated campsite of Allegheny National Forest where we had our first official “chill out” day thus far. Continue reading

Florida Keys, Miami, St Augustine and Charleston.

Polaroid Suitcase.

After two months abroad and eating my way through the South, I thought it best to start introducing some scheduled exercise. Needless to say, I am back at square one on the fitness scale, however the beautiful scenery along Miami Beach and Charleston’s State Park’s sure does provide some motivation. Driving out to the most southern point of continental USA, surrounded by nothing but ocean, was so incredibly beautiful. Conversely, back in Miami, we were surrounded by nothing but NFL fans at our first game at Sun Life Stadium. The following day as we headed North, we learnt not to trust retirees at State Parks in St Augustine before settling into some soul food and an afternoon swing on a porch seat in Charleston. Continue reading