Instagram Revival.

Polaroid Suitcase.

If you follow Polaroid Suitcase on Facebook, you may recall this post from December 15 2014:

Polaroid Suitcase I N S T A G R A M H I A T U S.
Myself and my iPhone emotionally synced with a mental block out of British Columbia’s pouring rain. I switched back on when the sun came out, unfortunately my iPhone did not follow suit… T B C.

W E L L . . . quite literally after three months phoneless, I am back in the arms of technology! Check out @alexinadventureland on Instagram this week as we throwback to a few adventures you may of missed! x

Whistler Bucket List.

Polaroid Suitcase.

Not a day goes by when a visitor mutters ironically, “The snow is dumping at home… why am I here again?” and trust me, myself and everyone within a two hour radius is well aware that not only is the East coast in blizzard territory but even Hawaii (yes, HAWAII) is getting some pow. Spring has sprung early in British Columbia. Hibernation cam on Grouse Mountain is intensely watching the the bears early wake, some have even been spotted, grumpy from lack of sleep no doubt, in Whistler Village. Vancouver is worried about it’s Cherry Blossom Festival “They’re blooming too early!” one worried committee member cried on the news. But here’s silver lining to the depression that plagues Whistler seasonals… There is much more than the mountain alone that this town has to offer/apparently the summer is better anyway! Continue reading

A guide to putting yourself first.

Polaroid Suitcase

I had been feeling introverted, confused and unhappy for a little while, so I went to a psychic. Yes, I understand a social worker or psychologist with their degrees and theories based off actual proven academic studies rather than shuffled cards and oras may have been smarter, however, I am a person who likes to look to the prosperity of the future. I do not need someone to discuss my thoughts, as my over thinking mind regarding these thoughts is what left me curled up in bed plus or minus a tub of icecream in the first place… Seriously. I was unsure what to expect of my appointment as I roamed around the shop until being invited into a tiny room. Thirty minutes later, a little closer to contentment, I walked out of the incense smelling room of tarot cards holding a gifted candle. On the base of the candle were four stickers reminding me of what my cards had revealed along with the central message, “Put yourself first”. My face must have spelt angst as the psychic grabbed for a small piece of crystal quartz* to assist me on my journey.  Continue reading

Writer’s Block Wounds.

Have you ever just had one of those moments where your thoughts anchor you? They’re stunted, unable to flow and progress. With so much to say, the pen forcefully hits the blank page unable to move. Ink slowly seeps from its’ stationary tip. All the words are incomprehensibly blending together in an attempt to escape. Rushed letters overlapping on various angles. Like a wound, the ink spot expands symmetrically outward then bleeds through the page to the one below. The negative spaced, dark hole against the crisp white page becomes the focus. The page is tainted, heavy, with words pouring into a portal to nowhere.

The most powerful definition of love?

Polaroid Suitcase.

There are love quotes, then there are those profoundly human, humbling love quotes. The ones that are grounding yet whimsical. The ones raw, yet earnest. Playwright Tom Stoppard perhaps nailed it on the head within the second act of his 1982 play The Real Thing: Continue reading