Writer’s Block Wounds.

Have you ever just had one of those moments where your thoughts anchor you? They’re stunted, unable to flow and progress. With so much to say, the pen forcefully hits the blank page unable to move. Ink slowly seeps from its’ stationary tip. All the words are incomprehensibly blending together in an attempt to escape. Rushed letters overlapping on various angles. Like a wound, the ink spot expands symmetrically outward then bleeds through the page to the one below. The negative spaced, dark hole against the crisp white page becomes the focus. The page is tainted, heavy, with words pouring into a portal to nowhere.

The most powerful definition of love?

Polaroid Suitcase.

There are love quotes, then there are those profoundly human, humbling love quotes. The ones that are grounding yet whimsical. The ones raw, yet earnest. Playwright Tom Stoppard perhaps nailed it on the head within the second act of his 1982 play The Real Thing: Continue reading

In response to the 20-somethings paradox: Travel vs. Settling

 Polaroid Suitcase.

A day or so after publishing The 20-somethings paradox: Travel vs. Settling, I received an e-mail from my younger brother:
“How are you? Enjoying yourself? Your last blog seemed to imply maybe not so much? How’s Jack?” it read amongst other things.

Initially, I was caught off guard and a little mortified. Worried that I had let the cat out of the bag that everyday was emotionally not a blue-bird pow day in winter wonderland paradise. Exposing myself as a minority who maybe perhaps just wasn’t thriving in exhilaration over every second of each mountain life day, with a permanent smile plastered across my face. Like every overthinker, I had anticipated the experience differently, and upon discovery of reality, I had twisted and contorted those thoughts and dwelled… Continue reading

Eat, Drink, Explore: Granville Island.

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Granville Island, located in central Vancouver, is an escape from the city without actually leaving it.
What to bring: an empty stomach, walking shoes and a sense of adventure.

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Country Hits: So bad, they’re just that good.

Polaroid Suitcase

With the annual Triple J Hottest 100 looming, It suddenly dawned on me that I had no clue what may be voted in. Jack and I departed Australia July 31st on a trip of a lifetime (retrospective itinerary begins here), and have therefore missed close to half the station’s new releases for 2014. What have we been listening to instead? Local country radio stations amongst some golden oldies. So instead of sharing my top 10 votes, I thought I’d expose you to 6 of my favourite country songs with lyrics “so bad, they’re just that good” from our road trip around the United States.

WARNING: Common themes include heartbreak, drinking and trucks.
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